SELF LOVE | Positive Morning Motivation | LISTEN EVERY DAY!
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SELF LOVE | Positive Morning Motivation | LISTEN EVERY DAY!
SELF LOVE | Positive Morning Motivation | LISTEN EVERY DAY!

Tyrese Gibson
Les Brown
Oprah Winfrey
Mel Robbins
Brendon Burchard
Luoise Hay
Iyanla Vanzat
Joe Rogan
David Goggins
Gary Vee

All Video Footage through Videoblocksm Filmpac and Artgrid.

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  1. To the person reading this. You ARE highly favored! You’re strong, you’re smart, you’re loved, you’re beautiful, you ARE what you think! I see you, I’m PROUD of you, I’m so glad you’re here! This planet is a better place with you here! Stay up, stay positive, stay motivated & keep pushing. You’re almost there! 💯💯

  2. המוטיבציה שלי כל בוקר נעלמה כי שוטרי מדינת ישראל הטילו בי טרור בהונאות חקירות וכליאות.

    אייחל בוקר בוקר למיתתם של חברי כת אז הפושעים ואיקו אמיגה הפושע וחבריו השוטרים הפושעים מתחנת לב הבירה ימח שמם ויידח זיכרם

  3. I felt strong at the beginning until I start saying the same that you are saying and I became stronger saying things before you and believing that I’m doing it.
    I’m proud of myself realising this, it’s the first time I listen to this and I knew exactly what I’m going to listen later, I was the opposite.. I fixed myself by myself without videos.. without doctors or anyone. At a point I became the doctor of myself and I’m still that one.
    Thank you for this video and I can say to all of you that those words are the key of your well-being. 💜

  4. I want to love myself but everyone around me doesn’t understand me. Im hurt and I hurt people. I have no one who loves me unconditionally nor do I have anyone who actually know me and what I’ve been through. I want to love myself but I can’t when I’m hurt. Hurt people hurt people.

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