Minecraft: Do you recognize this song? 🤔 #Shorts
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Minecraft: Do you recognize this song? 🤔 #Shorts

Minecraft: Do you recognize this song? 🤔 #Shorts
Minecraft: Do you recognize this song? 🤔 #shorts30


In this video, I use different music making blocks and mobs in Minecraft to make a song. Do you recognize the song that was made with Minecraft sound effects?






►Minecraft But:

►Music Syncs:


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  1. I'll blow up into smithereens
    And spew my tiny symphony
    All up and down a city street
    While tryna put my mind at ease
    Like finishing this melody
    This feels like a necessity
    So this could be the death of me
    Or maybe just a better me
    Now come in with the timpanis
    And take a shot of Hennessy
    I know im not there mentally
    But you could be the the remedy
    So let me play my violin 🎻🎻🎻 for you

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The Stereotypes Song #shorts

The Stereotypes Song #shorts
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