EMBRACE THE STRUGGLE – Motivational Speech
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EMBRACE THE STRUGGLE – Motivational Speech
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hold m through by Luke Howard

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Steve Harvey
Joe Rogan
Elliott Hulse

Most images were taken from FILMPAC, Storyblocks and different spec commercials. Some images were taken from movies in order to give some context to the video.

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  2. Life is a test. Be like a traveler.
    We are created with a clay, human beings is the best creations when compared to other living creations of Almighty Lord.

    He created us when we were nothing, not even existed. He created us in the wombs of a mother, by His will and he spirit it with soul. He fed us, protected both mother and child. He passed the process of delivering easy.

    All praise and thanks be to the Lord oneness in God. Worship the creator and His creation.

    This world is temporary, do and learn as much as you can before you are buried. Life is a test. It will grind you down and make your body feel weak but remember God who created you and ask His help and guidance.
    You will be strong in both ways of life and soul. Verily, after every difficulty there will be ease.

    Every soul has to taste the sweetness of death. Every single person will meet his or her Lord, One true God alone.

    Verily the hereafter is far better than this temporary earth.

    Allah or Lord Almighty or Bhagwan or you name One true in Lord in any religion knows best.

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