DON'T MAKE EXCUSES – Motivational Speech
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DON'T MAKE EXCUSES – Motivational Speech
DON’T MAKE EXCUSES – Motivational Speech
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In life’s journey, there lies a choice,
To heed the voice of excuses, or find your voice.
Don’t let the shadows of fear hold you tight,
Break free from their grip, embrace the light.

Excuses, like chains, can bind you down,
They steal your dreams, they make you frown.
But deep within, a fire burns bright,
A spark of potential, a guiding light.

No more excuses, it’s time to rise,
Unleash your passion, reach for the skies.
Embrace the challenges, don’t shy away,
For it’s in overcoming that you truly sway.

When obstacles loom and doubts arise,
Summon the strength that within you lies.
Push through the barriers, don’t hesitate,
For greatness awaits, don’t underestimate.

Believe in yourself, trust in your might,
Shatter the excuses, take flight.
With every step forward, you’ll discover anew,
The power within, the dreams that are true.

No more excuses, they have no place,
In a life that’s bound for triumph and grace.
Embrace the journey, seize every chance,
For in action and courage, true fulfillment dances.

So don’t make excuses, let them fade away,
Embrace the challenges, seize the day.
With determination and a spirit unyielding,
You’ll find the strength for boundless achieving.

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Jocko Willink
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James Hellwig
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Jordan Peterson
David Goggins

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