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In the realm of thoughts, where power resides,
Lies the key to unlock our greatest strides.
Discipline your thoughts, let them not roam,
For they shape your reality, create your own home.

When negativity knocks, eager to invade,
Stand strong and resolute, do not be swayed.
Redirect your mind, choose thoughts that uplift,
Let positivity be your guiding gift.

Banish self-doubt, fears, and all their kin,
Replace them with confidence, let it begin.
Believe in your worth, in your dreams so bright,
With disciplined thoughts, you’ll reach incredible heights.

Focus your mind like a laser beam,
On goals and aspirations, let them gleam.
Eliminate distractions, stay in control,
Disciplined thoughts will fuel your soul.

Choose words of kindness, let love prevail,
In your thoughts, let compassion never fail.
Nurture gratitude, let it bloom and grow,
Discipline your thoughts, let your inner light glow.

Embrace the power of a disciplined mind,
Harnessing thoughts, leaving negativity behind.
With every thought, shape your destiny,
Discipline your thoughts, and set your spirit free.

Dr. Jessica Houston
Les Brown
Jim Rohn
TD Jakes
Jocko Willink
Coach Gabe

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4. [07:55] Song To Your Eyes – The Will To Win
5. [10:22] Song To Your Eyes – Open Minds

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  1. Good Monday afternoon, everyone. Everything starts with how you speak to yourself. Sometimes we'll say things about ourselves to ourselves that we would never utter (even) to a stranger. 'Time to feed the meter': Lord, grant us the wisdom to know those things we cannot change, so we may be better able to give of ourselves toward the things we can do well. Amen. Thank you, Law of Attraction Coaching for this uplifting and positive message. Blessings all…

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Win iPhone 14 100% Free 🤩🤩

Win iPhone 14 Free Online

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